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Admire the colonial architecture of the neighborhood as you walk along cobblestone streets.

Then follow your guide to Plaza de Bolívar (Bolívar Plaza), home to some of the most historical buildings in Bogotá.

The intention here is decidedly to open rather than conclude discussion. Prieto does not mention Ocampo, since she falls outside the chronological boundaries of his study. In his biography of Sor Juana (I700), Father Diego Calleja gives her birthdate as November 12, 1651. Beth Miller (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 1983). Translation by Margaret Sayers Peden in A Woman of Genius: The Intellectual Autobiography of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Salisbury, Conn.: Lime Rock Press, 1982), 18-20. Translation by Muriel Kittel in Angel Flores and Kate Flores, eds., The Defiant Muse: Hispanic Feminist Poems from the Middle Ages to the Present (New York: Feminist Press, 1986), 21-23. Paz, Sor Juana , 472-486; Georgina Sabat-Rivers, El "Sueño" de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Tradiciones literarias y originalidad (London: Tamesis, 1976); and Luis Harss's introduction and commentary in Sor Juana's Dream (New York: Lumen Books, 1986), 23. Bénassy-Berling, Humanisme et religion , 97, takes issue with Pfandl's depiction of Sor Juana's pursuit of knowledge as self-contained and devoid of any interest in teaching.

The overall corpus of research on women in Latin America shows little focus on women's intellectual, literary, political, and pedagogical activity. (Translated as The Puerto Rican Woman: Perspectives on Culture, History, and Society . New York: Praeger, 1986.)Benglesdorf, Carollee et al. Special issue of Cuba Review 4, 2 (September 1974). The memoirs and letters of Mariquita Sánchez (who does fall within the period) are mentioned only in passing; Prieto offers little apparatus for analyzing the memoirs of women or others who did not figure in the central military and political events of the period. See especially Delfina Bunge de Galvez, Viaje alrededor de mi infancia (1938) and La vida en los sueños (1951); Norah Lange, Cuadernos de infancia (1937); Carlotta Garrido de la Peña, Mis recuerdos (1935); María Rosa Oliver's three-volume autobiography, Mundo, mi casa: Recuerdos de infancia (1965), La vida cotidiana (1969), and Mi fé es el hombre (1981, published posthumously); and Silvina Bullrich, Mis memorias (1980). Since the celebration of her tercentenary in 1951, a certificate of baptism has been found to support her birthdate as 1648, which Octavio Paz regards as "almost certain." Octavio Paz, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz; O, Las trampas de la fe (Barcelona: Seix Barral, 1982), 96-97. Rosario Casteilanos, Mujer que sabe latín (Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1973, rpt. See also: Electa Arenal and Stacey Schlau, Untold Sisters: Hispanic Nuns in Their Own Works (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1989). Josefina Ludmer also addresses the permutations of "callar" and "decir" in this passage in "Tretas del débil," in La sartén por el mango: Encuentro de escritoras latinoamericanas , ed. Estela Portillo Trambley, Sor Juana and Other Plays (Ypsilanti, Mich.: Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingue, 1983). Trueblood, A Sor Juana Anthology , 6, says she taught in a school associated with the convent.

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Feminism has taught us the immense importance of these dimensions of women's being and activity. Both Rosario Castellanos and Marie-Cécile Bénassy-Berling cast Sor Juana in the role of Virginia Woolf's imaginary "Shakespeare's sister." Bénassy-Berling, however, compares the Mexican nun, with her unique and irresistible vocation for learning, to other successful women writers of the period: Christine de Pisan, María de Zayas, and Aphra Behn. W., 86Guadalupe, Virgin of, 8Gubar, Susan Dreyfuss David, 139 , 145Guerra del Pacífico, 61Güiraldes, Ricardo, 36Gutiérrez, Ricardo, 74Gutiérrez, Rita Cetina, 176Hahner, June, 181Heredia, José, 67Herrera de Olavarría, Cecilia, 17Herrick, Jane, 181Hijo de Su Madre, El , 175Historia oficial, La , 48 -49Horkheimer, Max, 33Huidobro, Vicente, 36 , 37Humboldt, Alexander von, 67Ibarbourou, Juana de, 57 , 107 , 112Ibarruri, Dolores (La Pasionaria), 180Ilustración, La: Album del Bello Sexo , 180Ilustración de la Mujer , 180Indigenismo , 4 , 59 -66Ingenieros, José, 30Inicial , 31 -32Inter-American Commission of Women (IACW), 11 , 15 -21, 24Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security (1947), 22Inter-American Congress of Women First (Primer Congreso Interamericano de Mujeres, Guatemala, 1947), 22 -24International Conferences of American States/Pan American Conferences, 10 , 13 , 19 ; Fifth (Santiago), 15 , 16 , 18 ; Sixth (Havana), 11 , 15 , 16 , 18 ; Seventh (Montevideo), 19 -20; Eighth (Lima), 21 , 26 n.34International Feminist Congress First (1910), 79International Women's Congress Second (London, 1899), 78Irigoyen, Manuel, 175 -176Isabella I, 10 , 13Jelinek, Estelle, 143 , 149 nn.24, 26Jornal de Senhoras, O , 174 , 204Juan, Don. See Cruz, Sor Juana Inés de la King, John, 131Kirkpatrick, Gwen, 7 , 105 -129Knaster, Meri, 181Kuznesof, Elizabeth A., 33Labarca, Amanda, 14Lamarque, Nydia, 107Landis, Joan, 49 , 51Lange, Norah, 37 , 39 , 42 -43, 44 , 145Lanteri-Renshaw, Julieta, 78 , 114Laperriére de Coni, Gabriela, 78Lach, Christopher, 34Latin American Scientific Congresses (1890s), 11 -12, 24Lauretis, Teresa de, 104 n.23Lavrín, Asunción, 181League of Nations, 14 , 18 , 20Lejeune, Philippe, 149 n.22Lévi-Strauss, Claude, 145Lewis, Wyndham, 36Liga Patriótica, 19Ligue Feminine Haitienne, 15Lombardi, M., 242López Albújar, Enrique, 62 , 72Lutz, Bertha, 14 , 15 , 21Mc Knight, Kathryn, 232Madre indígena , 59Maestras , 2 -3, 110 , 111 , 122 -123Malinche, La, 8 , 53 , 59Manso, Juana, 174 , 178Mariátegui, José Carlos, 61 , 63Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, 36Marín del Solar, Mercedes, 73 n.13Mármol, José, 49 , 54 -55, 72Martí, José, 179Martin Fierro , 46 n.29Marting, Diane, 233Masiello, Francine, 7 , 27 -47, 57Matamoro, Blas, 144 , 145 , 150 n.28Matrona Comentadora, La , 175Matto de Turner, Clorinda, 63 , 175 , 178Mederos de González, Elena, 17Meir, Golda, 144Merino Carvallo, Nelly, 19Meyer de Zulen, Dora, 63 , 68Miller, Francesca, 6 , 10 -26, 52Miller, Nancy, 142 , 146 , 149 n.21Mistral, Gabriela, 2 , 37 , 39 , 49 , 57 , 72 , 106 , 107 ; Poema de Chile , 6 -7, 66 -71;and Storni, 103 n.12, 109 , 112Modernismo :feminist response to, 5 , 27 -28, 36 -44 passim, 74 -88, 99 , 101 ; Rúben Darió, 5 , 28Molina de Fromen, Juanita, 17Monroe, Harriett, 146Moreau de Justo, Alicia, 84 , 114 , 115 , 177Morello-Frosch, Marta, 7 , 90 -104Morton, Ward M, 25 n.34Motta Diniz, Francisca Senhorina da, 176Moya de Jiménez, Gloria, 17Mujeres de América , 19 , 20 , 45 n.13, 212Mujeres Liberes , 180Mujeres: Órgano de la Agrupación de Mujeres Anti-fascistas , 180mujer/fempress , 209 , 233Mujer Que Vive de Su Trabajo, La , 180Mundonovista , 35 , 37 , 38Muzzili, Carolina de, 78 -79, 114Nación, La (Argentina), 79 , 108 , 111 , 115 -116, 118 -127, 177 , 179Nash, Mary, 180National Army of Women, 83National Woman's Party (U.

As you walk around the plaza, see La Catedral Primera (Prime Cathedral), the Presidential Palace and the Capitolio Nacional (National Capitol).

As your tour continues, make your way to Museo de Botero (Botero’s Museum), where you’ll see more than 100 works of art by famous artist Fernando Botero, as well as many other paintings from artists around the world.

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