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This chapter describes the installation and basic configuration of Apache Archiva.

Archiva is one of several choices for an artifact repository, an important component of a Maven-based continuous integration build system.

In simple, when you build a Maven project, all dependency files will be stored in your Maven local repository.Error installing artifact's metadata: Error while deploying metadata: Authorization failed: Access denied to: must have something to do with missing some missing permission to update the file because when I deploy the first version of the artifact on the repository with the same user it completes successfully (there is no to update and it gets created successfully).The preferred way to do this is to take advantage of the features provided by the Nexus Staging Maven plugin or the Nexus Staging Ant tasks as documented in Section 11.3.1, “Deployment with the Nexus Staging Maven Plugin” and Section 11.3.2, “Deployment with the Nexus Staging Ant Tasks”.There is also a workaround which is to use the Maven 3 property maven.metadata.legacy.It is recommended that all JBoss projects use Maven 3.

Error updating group repository metadata maven